Open Versus Closed MRI: Which is the Best?

Claustrophobia is one of the biggest reasons patients prefer the use of an open MRI machine versus a closed unit, however, that is only one of the many things that cause patients to make this choice. When you need radiology in Queens, you have the choice of using a closed or an open MRI machine. Knowing which you prefer before arrival can make your visit far less strenuous.

Closed MRI Versus Open MRI

The closed MRI offers stronger Tesla signals than the open MRI. However, the open MRI machine is still fully capable of providing thorough pictures detecting many illnesses and diseases. The closed MRI machine provides detailed, accurate information, so that is never a concern.

Many people find the unique design of the open MRI machine more comfortable than the design of the closed machine. As stated, it is great for patients who suffer from claustrophobia. Even patients without any inkling of the condition may find it develops when they’re inside of an MRI machine. The open design eliminates that fear.

Both machines are safe to use and provide effective results that matter. It is up to you and the advice of your doctor to decide which of the MRI machine types is best suited for your needs. If you have any questions, your doctor can provide the answers to make it easier to decide which of the options is best.

Which MRI Machine?

Many facilities have advanced to the use of the open MRI machine. Chances are, when you walk into the office that is the machine you will see first, and be offered to use. But, if the facility still offers you options, make sure that you know the facts of both the open and the closed MRI so you can make the best decision.