How to Deal with Andropause or Loss of Testosterone

For men who are in their 30’s there is a change that occurs in their body known as andropause. This is a condition that is marked by the loss of testosterone. As a man ages he might expect to lose about 1% of his testosterone levels each year.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

The cause of the loss of testosterone or andropause is not specifically limited to age. There exists a variety of reasons for the loss of this male hormone. You can rest easy though because there are testosterone replacement therapy jackonsville fl offices that specializes in treating this condition.

It’s not sometime to be ashamed of or feel helpless over because the breakthroughs in medicine are constantly discovering new ways to retard the loss of testosterone. It’s important to be positive and to trust that if you want to treat this condition you’ll have the treatment to help you.

Symptoms are known to include the loss of libido or sexual arousal, fatigue and decreased energy levels, as well as muscle loss. Further symptoms may include putting on extra pounds, an inability to achieve an erection, and the loss of memory.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Depression is also a symptom that commonly occurs when you’re experiencing the loss of testosterone. The common troubles such as having difficulty falling asleep also known as insomnia are frequently reported. Hair loss may occur in men who are experiencing this condition known as andropause. Males may also become irritable which is perfectly normal and treatable when giving the right therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the best solution to restore a man’s libido, overall sense of well-being, and even increase their motivation. Men who respond well to the treatment are usually able to drop extra weight and even lower their cholesterol.